Worker Mod Nerf Longstrike Upgrade

Worker Mod make upgrade kits for many types of Nerf blasters.  I had finished painting a Nerf Longstrike and really liked how it looked; a white body with bold red line running aross the top.  To complete the look I decided to upgrade its internals; a stronger spring to fire darts futher.


I bought the complete Nerf Longstrike Stefan 9kg kit from Worker Mod which would almost completely replace the original internals.  This kit fires shorter darts than the standard Nerf length so I also bought a new short dart magazine

Here is a YouTube video I made of the entire process.  Below are the edited highlights.

How the original Nerf Longstrike looked.

And here it is after its repaint, still with the original internals (and original Nerf charging handle)

The Worker MOD Metal Stefan Breech Bolt 9KG Kit box.

The contents of the box.  All these parts are excellent quality.  Very impressive.

How the original internals look; all bright orange plastic.

Here are all the internals now in place.  Metal barrel, bold plunger tube, plunger and gate.  Metal back plate for the stronger spring as well.  Several Nerf locks have also been removed.

The Stefan kit fires half length darts, so I ordered the Snipper 10 Short Dart magazine.

Here's what they look like side by side.

I cut some darts down myself to 36mm.

And here is the Worker MOD magazine repainted to match the rifle.  Note I left the top part unpainted as that in the rifle and paint can make it harder to remove to reload.

And here it is all together...

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