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Plain, normal  Nerf guns repainted  to look awesome!

Unique and hand painted in steampunk, video game and one off designs for displaying, cosplaying or a Nerf war.

I started repainting Nerf guns 5 years ago, with Steampunk style pistols and shotguns as my first love.  I still do them but expanded to try my hand at videogame styles.  These are the type of collectibles I would have wanted to buy, but no one was making them so I had to do it.  Lots of people liked them to so here I am!



Below is a list of all my currently available Nerf guns.  They link to my Etsy page and you buy them through there.

All these Nerf guns are handpainted, sold as collectibles but still fire darts.


A NOTE ON POSTAGE TO NORTH AMERICA:  I post by courier which is more expensive but will get to you MUCH faster than normal mail.  Standard postal services do not like taking gun shaped items (even Nerf toys) by airmail so they go by ship, which can take 60 days.  Couriers take less than 10.



Serious bit.  Painted Nerf guns look far more "real" than normal shop bought Nerf guns.  They may be brightly coloured but the shape can still scare people.  This can make other people see them as real and possibly call the police.  Please don't go waving it around.  Police may be called, you could be arrested and you'd be responsible for ruining the fun for everyone.  And do you want to be the one who did that?  Course you don't.  You're not that person.  You're the other person.  The cool one.  And that's why you bought this in the first place.


Collecting Nerf guns should be fun. 


Buggering about is only going to ruin the fun for everyone.


And thanks to the brilliant @theivyblack for modelling my Nerfs.

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The Nerfs currently available are:

Nerf Crossbolt Type 1 PDW (Personal Defence Weapon)

This is a Nerf Crossbow blaster with the arms cut right down to make it into a compact, bullpup personal defence weapon.  Designed to be held in one hand while the other hand operates the top slide.  The bright colours were inspired by the film District 9.

Nerf Crossbolt Type 2 PDW (Personal Defence Weapon)

This Nerf Crossbow blaster has also had its' arms cut down to make it into a compact, bullpup personal defence weapon.  The difference between the type 1  and the type 2 is just the paint scheme.  The rear stripe is vertical on the type 1 and here it is angled.

Red and White Videogame Inspired Carbine

A carbine rifle with a removable silencer and folding stock to make it easily transportable.  A white body with grey handgrip with a metallic red stripe running along the top. 

Ghost in the Shell inspired Futuristic Pistol

I love Ghost in the Shell, the original anime, Stand Alone Complex and the live action movie.

This Nerf shape really feels futuristic and in this black and white colour scheme looks like something Major Kusanagi or anyone from Section Nine should be carrying.

D.Va Light Gun from Overwatch

Nerf pistol remade into D.Va's Light Gun from Overwatch.  3D printed rabbit charm attached by chain to bottom of the grip.  Bunny ears on the top of the gun.  Looks as close as it can while still being a fully working Nerf.

Borderlands inspired Cel Shaded cosplay nerf pistol

This is the Nerf turned into a Borderlands inspired cel shaded gun.  Stands out from any angle.  A perfect compliment to a Borderlands cosplay or to stand out at a Nerf fight.

The Patriot - Stars and Stripes styled blaster

Big Magnus Nerf painted in the style of the American flag.  Red and white stripes with a big white star on the front of each side. Inspired from Counter Strike : Global Offensive and Far Cry 5.

Fallout / Bioshock / Steampunk Inspired Pistol

The classic Nerf Maverick repainted as an antique revolver; steel rear body with a brass front holding a steel cylinder.  The brass charging handle tops off this war worn handgun.

Sold Out Nerfs:

Star Wars Death Trooper Blaster

This comes painted in a more screen accurate black body with chipped steel all along the body.

Also comes with flashing lights and sound effects when the trigger is pulled and a extra purple light when the hand grip is pulled back to charge the spring.

To top it off it has a great burnt steel effect on its muzzle just like in the film.

Han Solo DL-44 Blaster

Han Solo's gun.  In Nerf form. Darts loaded in internal magazine.  All worn steel with wood grips. Or just paint.  You decide.  As a massive fan of Star Trek you can join the Browncoats and fight against the Cylons with this. (Let me know on my Facebook how you liked that last sentence :)

Steampunk inspired heavy pistol

A worn and battered heavy repeater pistol for a worn out world.  Painted as a steel and copper dirty frame with a brass cylinder and snub barrel.  I've even painted lines in the barrel to give it the effect of being milled from a solid piece of brass.

Borderlands Torgue inspired rifle

Inspired by Torgue in the Borderlands videogame, this rifle is cel shaded from every angle.  A massive magazine to hold all the Nerf darts you can ever need (at least until you reload).  A red targetting light is slung under the barrel.  Lot of work went into this to make it as impressive as possible.

Union Jack Nerf gun

The Union Jack painted on a Nerf.  A great design and a shameless cash in on current affairs.  Red, white and blue all over with silver worn edge effects.

This took ages and looks fantastic. 

Mass Effect N7 Very Large Pistol

This is practically a two handed pistol.  Big and imposing N7 Mass Effect inspired weapon.  White body with black, steel worn barrels and handgrip.

Mass Effect Inspired N7 Personal Defence Weapon

This is my re-imagining of a Boom Co. blaster into a Mass Effect inspired pistol.  This pistol has "wings" on each side that open out.  The inside of the wings was magnetic before I painted them.  They were designed so the darts would stick to it (designed to act as a shield when being shot at by another Boom Co. pistol).  Painted as a battle worn, well used weapon.

Mass Effect Inspired N7 Pistol

This is a Nerf pistol re-imagined into a Mass Effect inspired compact pistol.  Painted in a battle worn, well used condition.  Now with a cool blue painted energy effect!  A bonus with this Nerf is that it has a built in light beam that projects a red dot target recticle up to 15 feet away.

Wood Effect Bioshock / Steampunk Shotgun

Nerf Roughcut re-imagined as a 19th Century steampunk shotgun. Perfect for a trip to Columbia.

Antique shortened shotgun.  Well worn wooden main body over a steel barrel and steel action.  A worn steel forestock and rear handgrip with well worn red leather strips inside the handgrip.

*As ever, its all still just paint.

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