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Nerf Blasters Repainted To Look Awesome!


Unique and hand painted in steampunk, video game styles and one off designs made for display, cosplay or Nerf War.


I started repainting Nerf guns a few years ago, with Steampunk style pistols and shotguns as my first love.  I then expanded to try my hand at videogame styles.  These are the type of collectibles I would have wanted to buy, but no one was making them so I had to do it.  Lots of people liked them to so here I am!


On this site you'll find the Nerfs I currently have for sale and a gallery to show off my previous Nerf paint jobs, a page showing the painting process and a page showing how I turned a plain airsoft rifle in to a real world AWP Asiimov from Counter Strike:Global Offensive (CSGO)


Below is the list of all my currently available Nerf guns.  They link to my Etsy page and you can buy them through there.


All these Nerf guns are handpainted, each one unique, sold as collectibles but can still fire darts.


Serious bit.  Painted Nerf guns look far more "real" than normal shop bought Nerf guns.  They may be brightly coloured but the shape can still scare people.  This can make other people see them as real and possibly call the police.  Please don't go waving it around.  Police may be called, you could be arrested and you'd be responsible for ruining the fun for everyone.  And do you want to be the one who did that?  Course you don't.  You're not that person.  You're the other person.  The cool one.  And that's why you bought this in the first place.


Collecting Nerf guns should be fun. 


Buggering about is only going to ruin the fun for everyone.


And thanks to the brilliant @theivyblack for modelling my Nerfs.

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And I have a YouTube channel to!


I also have a YouTube channel.  I've covered most of the guns that I've painted, showing them off and giving tutorials on how I created their looks. 

Follow the link below or search for Are We The Baddies Nerf on YouTube.


The Nerfs currently available are:

Videogame inspired Heavy Blaster

"The Big V"

Steel effect handgrip, trigger and barrel.

An orange body with worn steel edges and dirt trapped along the recesses of the body.

A large VI symbol with a white inverted triangle is painted on each side.




Videogame Inspired Rifle

A full repaint of a Nerf rifle.  Multiple grey tones with edges chipped and a worn look to give a used battle rifle condition.

Custom made decals add to the look.

This is a full size blaster with semi automatic fire.  What's not to like?



Death Trooper Star Wars Rogue One Blaster

A slightly worn steel body with the steel chipped and visible at the edges and raised points.  The barrel has the infamous Death Trooper trademark burnt steel effect going from the burnt bright steel front back down to black along the barrel.

And the light and sound effect still works to!



Union Jack Nerf gun

The Union Jack painted on a Nerf.  A great design and a shameless cash in on current affairs.  This took ages as each colour was added individually with lots of masking tape used each time. I don't know if I'll ever spend so much time making one again.


Ghost in the Shell inspired Futuristic Pistol

This Nerf design was originally bright yellow. Repainted in black and white gives it a futuristic look.  Perfect for anyone from a super secret government organisation.

The Patriot - Stars and Stripes styled blaster

Big Magnus Nerf painted in the style of the American flag.  Red and white stripes with a big white star on the front of each side. Inspired from Counter Strike : Global Offensive and Far Cry 5.

Cel Shaded, Borderlands inspired Nerf Maverick pistol

The classic Nerf Maverick becomes a Borderlands inspired, cel shaded blaster.  Looks like a cartoon from any angle.

Antique Nerf / Wild West / Steampunk Blaster

The classic Nerf Maverick repainted as an antique revolver; steel rear body with a brass front holding a steel cylinder.  Bronze barrel, front cylinder ring and "safety levers." The brass charging handle tops off this war worn handgun.

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