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Greatest Hits

I've called this section greatest hits as my style and complexity has grown over the time I've been doing this.  Here are pictures and some blurb of some of my best.

The classic Nerf Maverick repainted as a pistol inspired from the Destiny videogame.  Lots of worn steel edges all over with a really battered Vanguard logo on the top slide. 

Here is the Destiny Vanguard colour scheme on another Nerf pistol, this time on a Nerf Strongarm.  I made the V symbol extend from the top slide on to the main body making a bolder statement.  Lots of measuring went into getting this right, made harder by the bottom of the symbol disappearing into the handgrip.

Another Destiny Vanguard colour scheme this time on a massive Nerf Centurion.  These things are huge and the V symbol is equally massive.  There is a Nerf Sidestrike on the table for a size comaprison. 

This was originally an all yellow Alpha Trooper but became this white and orange Carbine rifle.  The pump action handle needed to be sanded down so it didn't scrape off the paint as it moved along the barrel.

This big red Nerf Magnus became this big golden gun, inspired by the Desert Eagle.

347 Vesta Dynasty inspired colour scheme on a Nerf shotgun.  A great shape blaster that I added a straight magazine to.  This helped accentuate the straight lines coming off the body.  The lines continue on the underside and met up. 

This was inspired by the colour scheme of Soldier: 76 from Overwatch.  Dark blue and black with a contrasting white in an angular pattern all over.  Very different from anything I had done before.

The black outer frame with bright red sides really stands out.  All the black parts are given silver paint on the edges to give them a worn steel look.  When this was all done then came the real worry; spraying 'M8' on each side.  Stencil cut out on cardboard, held down with masking tape and sprayed lightly.

I started this whole thing off doing Steampunk blasters.  This Nerf Rebelle 4victory has a great shape.  It was originally a mix of white, pink and blue but here it is finished as a wooden bodied steel framed pistol with a brass muzzle.

Here are two Nerf Mavericks, in a different style of Steampunk colour scheme.  Not as worn, thanks to far less drybrushing that I usually use.  The dark body is highlighted by the bright red foregrip and bronze coloured cylinder and slide.

I had the great idea of painting bigger Nerf guns, without realising just how big they are.  Lots of masking tape, paint and time needed for these.  This one is a Destiny inspired Nerf rifle.  Black handgrip, foregrip and barrel meant plenty of masking before spraying the body orange.

I love the Borderlands games and their look.  Cel shading is very impressive and trying to bring it into the real world is a challenge.

This Nerf Slingfire was originally green and now looks so different with its cel shaded look.

A Nerf Strongarm becomes a very worn steel Fallout videogame inspired pistol.  I tried to make it look as faded as possible.

The Shape of Nerfs to Come

After those pictures of my past work, here are some pictures of current works in progress.

Youtube  Channel

I also have a YouTube channel.  I know I haven't put up nearly enough content. Here are some of my best.

This video goes through the entire process of turning a plain, red Nerf Magnus into a Vanguard pistol from the Destiny game.


And here is a gallery of Nerfs.  After the hours it takes to make each of these, I make sure to take plenty of photos from lots of angles.  These photos usually go first onto my Instagram account.

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